Friday, 24 August 2012

Confinement Period - Malay Culture

Here is a summary of confinement information on Maly Culture.
Confinement Period: 44 days

Do & Don't Activity
- Get Bertungku for applying hot compress to dissolve residual blood clots in the uterus.

- Wear Bengkung to help new mums to get back in shape. Bengkung helps flatten stomach, shrink uterus and tighten vagina. However, it requires to wear bengkung properly as to avoid hinder uterus recovery.
- Take herbal bath:-
  * To regain energy,
  * Dispel wind,
  * Get rid of odours from lochia and discharge
  * Treat sore veins
- Get traditional postnatal massage:-
  * Improve blood circulation
  * Expel lochia which can last for 6 weeks after delivery
  * "lift" the womb and keep it from sagging
  * Break down fat
  * Tone and shape the body to help the new mum get her pre-baby body back
  * Speed up overall recovery from labour and birth
  * Stimulate milk production

Do & Don't Food & Drinks
- Take Jamu which is nutrition and dietary supplements. This is to boost energy levels, keep body warm, expel excess fat & toxins and regulate bladder movement.
- No "cold" food like fruits and vegetables
- No oily foods
- No iced water or too much water as it is believed to keep tummy swollen and harder to shrink


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