Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Infant Colic Situation

Colic Definition as per
- Severe abdominal pain caused by spasm, obstruction, or distention of any of the hollow viscera, such as the intestines.
- A condition of unknown cause seen in infants less than three months old, marked by periods of inconsolable crying lasting for hours at a time for at least three weeks.

Here are the real life of a baby having a colic:

Here are some suggestion to help on colics situation
1) Feeding - Mum diet can affect breast milk
Mummy whom breastfeed the baby should avoid food like cow's milk, caffeine, chocolate and gas-producing foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, peppers, melons, tomatoes, citrus fruits, beans and peanuts.

2) Feeding - Using baby bottle
When buying baby bottle, look for anti-colic sign. The price for anti-colic baby bottle is much more compare to a normal baby bottle, but less cry is priceless. The reason to get anti-colic baby bottle is to minimize the air-intake while baby gulping the milk from the baby bottle.

3) Feeding - Burp baby after feeding
Do burp the baby after breast feeding as to release the gas that are trapped during feeding. Feel free to check out the baby burping method:

4) Feeding - Formula milk powder
Change milk powder brand if baby are uncomfortable.

5) Feeding - Allergy to cow milk (lactose intolerance)
After trying so many types of formula milk powder and suspect the problem is due to allergy to cow's milk, then change to soy base milk powder or breast milk only.

6) Feeding - Use gripe water
Gripe water is a home remedy use to help on baby digestive system. So far the most popular are Colic Calm. The reason is because Colic Calm does not use Sodium Bicarbonate, Essential Oils and extracts to it's ingredient. Fast forward the below video to 2:20 to see the result:

7) Feeding - Use probiotics
Some studies suggest treating the crying with daily doses of probiotics, or "good bacteria" (such as Lactobacillus acidophilus or Lactobacillus reuteri) which can reduce crying times. Use this with care and seek doctor/pharmaceutical advice.

8) Baby massage to remove the gas
A simple massage to remove the gas inside the baby stomach

9) Apply Herbal Medicated Baby Oil on Baby's Tummy
This is a traditionally methods to relief winds and bloated problem in babies. Put a few drops, rub against your hand to heat it up and rub the baby's tummy in a circular motion to apply the herbal medicated baby oil.
a) Yu Yee Oil
Can get this baby oil at any Malaysia local store. For international reader, you can refer to
b) Amway Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
c) TYT Herbal Medicated Oil



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