Saturday, 25 August 2012

Confinement Period - Indian Culture

Here is a summary of confinement information on Indian Culture.
Confinement Period: 40-60 days

Do & Don't Activity
- Bath in warm water boiled with neem leaves which believed are natural antiseptic. Warm water is to soothe tired and aching muscle.
- Cover head with scarf
- Keep window closed
- Wear socks
- No air-conditioners and fans to avoid catching cold
- No reading
- No watching TV
- No shouting
- No crying
- No engaging conversation for too long
- No bending over at the waist to prevent back injuries
- No cooking or any housework
- Stay in room or confinement area in the house
- New mothers are given full body massage or maalish once a day to soothe tiring body and help blood circulations.
- New mother to massage the baby. Warning: This is dangerous to baby if done wrongly.
- Atta (dough) is rubbed over baby's forehead and body to remove accessive hair

Do & Don't Food & Drinks
- Eat warm foods
- Avoid cool food like cucumber, cabbage and pineapple. Cooling foods can cause rheumatism and athritis later in life.
- Eat gourds such as lauki and tori which are believed to increase milk supply
- Eat paan (betel leaves) after every meal
- Eat more ghee in diet to regain strength and aid muscle repair
- Avoid fruits, aerated drinks and juices
- Replace green and red chillies with black pepper
- Avoid windy foods such as onions and jackfruits can these can cause colic in baby which was passed through breastmilk.



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