Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pregnant Women Coughing Remedy

Coughing is going to be uncomfortable for pregnant women. There are many people's opinion on cough syrup that some claim it's ok and some claim it's dangerous. It's kinda confusing as what to go for as we did encounter a general doctor prescribe a strong cough syrup which can cause sleepiness and we suspect it's not right.

Finally a gynae doctor inform that pregnant women can take Pei Pa Koa because it's made of herbal ingredient. The Pei Pa Koa cough syrup is not strong, but it's a relieve to the throat and take a slow 2-3 weeks to recover.

And another general doctor inform that pregnant can take Prospane

Warning: It's best to check with your gynae doctor or trusted general doctor for expert advice



  1. This sirop contains Tao Ren (bitter apricot seed) which is a proscribed herb during pregnancy. DO NOT TAKE DURING PREGNANCY. I'm a Traditional Chinese Medecine practitioner, acupuncturist and herbalist. What kind of argument is it's safe because it's herbal? Please be careful. You can induce an abortion with acupuncture and chinese herbs. Michelle Corcos, acupuncturist in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada.


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