Friday, 28 September 2012

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Solution

My wife has been using the stretch mark product and below are the list:
1) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula
RM 33 for 250 ml
This product can be purchase at any pharmacy outlet.

2) Tanamera Virgin Coconut Oil
Buy here at
RM 34 for 100 ml

3) BIOGREEN Virgin Coconut Oil
Buy here at
RM 32.80 for 350 ml
RM 56 for 730 ml

During pregnancy, women body will go through a phase of transformation to give birth to a baby. And it's better to apply stretch mark cream/oil even after delivery until the body is back to normal.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Pregnancy Back Pain Solution

Upon reaching 6-7 month pregnancy, my wife start to have a backpain. After much research, the cure is to get a Maternity Support Belt.

There are many types of Maternity Support Belt which you can get at any outlets in the shopping mall and my wife had tried a few. So far the best is from MummynBaby which cost between RM 200 - 250.

The Maternity Support Belt can be purchased by contacting via facebook link:

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cord Blood Stem Cells Decision Making

This is an interesting topic which drain a lot of $$$ from parent which there is no prove whether stem cells from cord blood can save the baby. It's an expensive way to buy an insurance...

Here is a video on cord blood collection

However, parent should get to hear from an expert too before making decisions

Some consideration thoughts before deciding on stem cells:
1) Cord blood have a possibility to treat leukemia or lymphoma, aplastic anemia, severe sickle cell anemia, and severe combined immunodeficiency. This is usually related to family medical history.
2) In most cases, stem cell transplants are performed only on children or young adults. The larger the size of the person, the more blood-forming stem cells are needed for a successful transplant. Umbilical cord blood stem cells aren't adequate in quantity to complete an adult's transplant.
3) Clamping the umbilical cord too soon after birth may increase the amount of collected blood, but it could cause the baby to have a lower blood volume and possible anemia soon after birth.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Getting Baby To Sleep

After much research, the best way to get an infant baby to sleep are as per below. The method usually works till baby age 3 months old as the baby start to familiarize the new surroundings. Please ensure baby are fed on time/demand as to prevent baby from getting hungry. Once baby start to get hungry, then this technique have difficulty to get baby to sleep. Read here to understand baby hungry cues before baby become angry.

Below are the possible way to get baby to sleep:
1) Produce sounds which believe sounds familiar when the infant is inside the mum. (e.g. water sound, hair dryer sound, microwave sound, or shhhhhhhh sound)
2) Gentle pat at the bottom and touch on the head
3) Use the swinging method
4) Swaddle baby

Here are the tips and enjoy..
Techniques A
  • Hair dryer sound
  • Gentle bottom pat
  • Staring contest
  • Cuddle a muzzle
  • Show him a smartphone
  • Microwave noise
  • Stroke between the eyes

Techniques B (Water sound)

Another video uses hair dryer sound

Technique C (Sshhhhh and swinging)

Technique D (Swaddling baby)

Feel free to share if you have new techniques

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Labor Understanding for First Timer

In Laugh & Learn lesson video (, there are 6 preliminary signs that can happen 2 weeks before labor begins:
- Braxton hicks
- Mother weight stabilization
- Burst of energy
- Baby dropping
- Increased vaginal discharge
- Diarrhea

Here are the labor process understanding
1) There are 3 signs that labor is starting meaning effacement and dilation process has started
- Water broke
- Show of blood or mucus plug
- Contractions starting or the persistent tightening of the stomach that doesn't go away and getting stronger

2) Effacement occur first which the cervix slowly become thinner and shorter

3) Dilation occur next which cervix gradually open in diameter
General Rule of Thumb:
For 1st pregnancy, the cervix is open by 1 cm every hour.
For subsequent pregnancy, the cervix usually opens by 2 cm every hour.

A video to understand further


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