Sunday, 2 December 2012

Decision Making on Baby Diapers

Nowadays there are so many brands and product models on baby diapers. However, there are two main type of diapers which are Cloths Diapers and Disposable Diapers:

Decision between Cloths Diaper vs Disposable Diaper
Let's be realistic, time is precious especially when baby is less than 1 year old as dad & mum need to put more attention in taking care of the baby unless there are people that can helps out on the laundry. I can conclude that cloth diapers is a nightmare to both working parents as the amount of time required is tremendously a lot. For me, I'll go for disposable diapers as both myself and wife are working and we don't have much time to do the cleaning.

Checking out Diaper Company
We can summarize the list of diaper company in Malaysia as per below:

Considerations - Baby Boy Infertility Concern
The reason for the cause of infertility is due to the heat accumulated at the boy's private part especially when there is no ventilation. So the solution is to get 100% breathable cover features in disposable diapers.

Note: The breathable features are taken from the diapers company website product information.

Considerations - Price Factor
There is a rule of thumb that a baby may poo 4 times and pee 6 times per day, and assume the maximum diaper change of 10 times per day, and minimum 4 times per day. The reason for minimum 4 times per day is when baby poo, then the diaper has to be changed.

- (JJ) is price taken from Jaya Jusco on 30 Nov 2012
- (99) is price taken from 99SpeedMart on 10 Nov 2012

Unique Features on Baby Diapers
- Drypers Wee Wee Dry diaper contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Chamomile and Olive extracts to moisturize and rejuvenate baby's skin.
- All Fitti diapers have aloe vera in the liner to moisturizes baby's skin and helps to minimize diaper rash.
- Huggies Total Protection diaper and pant dare to claim of dryness for 10 hours
- Huggies Ultra diaper dare to claim of dryness for 12 hours. And contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile on the liner to protect skin from irritation and reduce redness on baby skin. Also contain hypoallergenic and pH balanced materials to prevent skin irritation.
- All Purine diapers product have anti-bacteria agent and odour control which are helpful to reduce unpleasant odour, skin irritation and infections.

Decision Making to Decide on Which Disposable Diapers
Here are the key point in my decision making on the diapers
- I would go for 100% breathable cover as my baby is a boy.
- I would prefer diaper that can minimize diaper rash and infections.
- My maximum budget is RM 300 per month

Therefore here are the recommended products from top priority to lower priority:
1a) Mamy Poko [The Best Product]
This is the best diaper I've ever used on my baby as my baby butt is always dry and the leak prevention is soft to my baby skin. However, Mamy Poko is expensive and it's best to get the Super Jumbo to save some cost. Also, Mamy Poko diaper is best used during night time as to ensure my baby is comfortable.

1b) Huggies Ultra [The 2nd Best Product]
This is my 2nd favourite because of the features and cheaper than Mamy Poko. So my baby use this diaper during daytime.

2a) Pureen Dry 5 Premium
After labor, the nurse in the hospital uses Pureen Dry 5 Premium and the product is good. But it's very difficult to find this diaper as it's available at selected Jaya Jusco mall only.

2b) Pureen Dry 5 [Definitely NO NO]
I kinda like Pureen Dry 5 premium and tried to use Pureen Dry 5 to check out the products. Although the diaper is ok, but the worst part is when the strap stick to my baby skins and cause my baby to cry. Gosh, this product is in my ban list.

2) Drypers Wee Wee Dry
This diaper is good but the leak-protection area is not soft and it cause redness to my baby skin.

3) Fitti
Although this diaper is in the list due to the features, but I never had the chance to try this diaper.
Note: Just Fitti and not Fitti Cosifits nor Fitti Basic

4) Huggies Total Protection diaper/pant
This diaper is good but had some leakage

5) Mamy Poko Easy Fit Pants
Although this diaper is in the list due to the features, but I never had the chance to try this diaper.

6) Huggies Dry Diaper/Pant
Although this diaper is in the list due to the features, but I never had the chance to try this diaper.

7) BabyLove Night/PlayPant
Although this diaper is in the list due to the features, but I never had the chance to try this diaper.

8) PetPet
I got this sample and my baby have used this diaper. So far ok, but did not had a chance to use for a long time.



  1. Honest diapers have the best price I could get for size 3 diapers. Even though it is slightly costlier than some, it saved me on the taxes. I considered cruizers too, but opted for the dry diapers. I don't particularly see the difference between the two.


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