Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Group B Strep (GBS) Swab Test Before Going for Labor

On the 35th week of pregnancy, we visited our gynae and was informed to take a Swab Test. The cost for the Swab Test is RM 85. We visited our gynae 2 weeks later meaning my wife is on 37th week, and got the report.

Our gynae informed that my wife have to start taking antibiotics for 5 days and twice daily. The antibiotic cost is RM 30.

Also, our gynae informed us that my wife will have to receive antibiotics via IV during labor.

Once reach home and upon googling the test report information, I found out that about 25% women may carry Group B Strep (GBS) at vagina and rectum area. And GBS may come and go in women's body without symptom. GBS are the leading cause for meningitis and sepsis in the newborn baby when deliver via natural birth, and it's important to take precaution during labor. The precaution action to be taken is to receive antibiotics via IV drip during labor which was what our gynae informed us. We're grateful that our gynae helps to inform us about the procedure.


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