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Guide in Getting Baby Names

Searching for English Name
Nowadays there are tons of website that can help to suggest baby names for parents. Here are the site that contains all the list of website that can help to suggest baby names for parents:

However there are still a lot of website in the dmoz directory. To shortlist, there is a good review on the baby name websites:

After going through many websites, below is the best website because it contains many variety of names and country's top list names too.

Searching for Chinese Name
In the internet, there are tons of website that suggest some pin-yin names and there is a possibility that the kids may find his/her "twin" names in the class when the kids goes to school. The reason is because some parents look for the best suggestion from the website and if two or more parent uses the same name for the kids, then we'll going to have lots of "twin" name in the classes.

Here are the steps which my wife and I went through to find our baby names as both of us cannot read and write Mandarin.
- To find Chinese baby name that comprise of the format: Surname + 1st Character + 2nd Character
- Comply to a Chinese believe on the strokes rules
Step 1: Ask ourself what meaning we want to associate to baby and derive the English words out.
Tools -
We can refer to Synonyms section in the dictionary website as to get more variety words that associates to the words we want to associate with our baby.
Retrieved from using word "Strong"

Step 2: Use Google Translator to Get 1 or 2 Chinese Character
If parent select one Chinese Character from the list, then have to go to Step 1 again to choose the 2nd Chinese Character.
Tools -
Translation of the word Brilliant to Chinese Wordings

Step 3: Listen to the Chinese Character
Once we had gathered 2 Chinese Characters, then we'll combine the surname to listen to the pronunciation tone whether name sounds like a boy's name or girl's name.
Tool -
Copy the Chinese Character, Paste to Google Translate and Listen to the Pronunciation

Once we are OK with the baby name, then next task is to align the baby name with the Chinese Character Strokes Rules. In this example, we will use the name 李连杰 (Li Lian Jie).
Step 4a: Get the Number of Strokes in a Chinese Character
Tool -
李 - 7 Strokes
连 - 10 Strokes
杰 - 8 Strokes
Search the Chinese Character, then click "Stroke Order" to find the total strokes

Step 4b: Check with Stroke Rules #1
The total strokes for the baby name should equal to: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 23, 25, 29, 31, 32, 33, 37, 39, 45, 47, 48, 52, 63, 65, 67, 68, 73 or 81.
The total strokes for 李连杰 is 25 strokes (7 + 10 + 8) and matched to the good number of total strokes.

Step 4c: Check with Stroke Rule #2
If the Chinese Character stroke is in even number, then it's call Yin.
If the Chinese Character stroke is in odd number, then it's call Yang.
The Chinese Name for the baby must be balanced in terms of the following pattern:
- Yang Yang Yin
- Yin Yin Yang
- Yang Yin Yin
- Yin Yang Yang
李 - 7 Strokes => Yang (Odd Number)
连 - 10 Strokes => Yin (Even Number)
杰 - 8 Strokes => Yin (Even Number)
The name pattern are Yang Yin Yin and comply to the Stroke Pattern rules.

Step 5: Ask feedback from friends and relative especially those that knows Mandarin as to check out whether there is any weird/odd meaning associate to the baby name. It's best to gather 3-5 names so that there are contingency name in case some names are not suitable due to some reasons.

This steps takes a lot of time but the process of going through the name are fun. However there are sifu in Klang Valley that provides services in helping parent to choose baby name.

Here are some additional tools:
1) To find Chinese Character based on pronunciation sound / Pin Yin
Note: After click the Pin Yin, we need to identify which characters that we're looking for

2) The book title "Best Chinese Name" (ISBN : 981-3068-30-2) was very helpful.
Here are the preview of the book content:



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