Sunday, 2 September 2012

Labor Understanding for First Timer

In Laugh & Learn lesson video (, there are 6 preliminary signs that can happen 2 weeks before labor begins:
- Braxton hicks
- Mother weight stabilization
- Burst of energy
- Baby dropping
- Increased vaginal discharge
- Diarrhea

Here are the labor process understanding
1) There are 3 signs that labor is starting meaning effacement and dilation process has started
- Water broke
- Show of blood or mucus plug
- Contractions starting or the persistent tightening of the stomach that doesn't go away and getting stronger

2) Effacement occur first which the cervix slowly become thinner and shorter

3) Dilation occur next which cervix gradually open in diameter
General Rule of Thumb:
For 1st pregnancy, the cervix is open by 1 cm every hour.
For subsequent pregnancy, the cervix usually opens by 2 cm every hour.

A video to understand further


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