Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Getting Baby To Sleep

After much research, the best way to get an infant baby to sleep are as per below. The method usually works till baby age 3 months old as the baby start to familiarize the new surroundings. Please ensure baby are fed on time/demand as to prevent baby from getting hungry. Once baby start to get hungry, then this technique have difficulty to get baby to sleep. Read here to understand baby hungry cues before baby become angry.

Below are the possible way to get baby to sleep:
1) Produce sounds which believe sounds familiar when the infant is inside the mum. (e.g. water sound, hair dryer sound, microwave sound, or shhhhhhhh sound)
2) Gentle pat at the bottom and touch on the head
3) Use the swinging method
4) Swaddle baby

Here are the tips and enjoy..
Techniques A
  • Hair dryer sound
  • Gentle bottom pat
  • Staring contest
  • Cuddle a muzzle
  • Show him a smartphone
  • Microwave noise
  • Stroke between the eyes

Techniques B (Water sound)

Another video uses hair dryer sound

Technique C (Sshhhhh and swinging)

Technique D (Swaddling baby)

Feel free to share if you have new techniques

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