Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Baby Hungry Cues

Baby will use a number of cues to communicate whether he/she is hungry and should feed according to hunger cues as it can help to promote breastfeeding experience with baby. 

During night time, if baby is younger than 4 weeks, then it is a good idea to wake baby at least every 4-5 hours at night to nurse if he does not wake on his own. If baby is older than 4 weeks, then baby can sleep as long as he/she wants at night as long as he/she is peeing, pooping, and gaining weight within normal parameters.

Here are the baby cues indicating that he/she is hungry:
- moving his/her eyes rapidly behind closed lids.
- putting his/her hands to his/her mouth.
- licking his/her lips and make sucking sounds.
- stretching and increased movements of upper body
- Crying is the last cue that your baby will use to show that he/she is hungry.  It is best to not to let your baby reach the point where he/she is crying out of hunger, as it is often more difficult to get your baby to latch effectively when he/she is upset.

● There may be times when your baby is too sleepy to show signs of hunger.
● It is important to wake your baby and put him/her to the breast to feed. 
● Baby should be breastfeeding every 1.5 to 3 hours in order to ensure that he/she is receiving enough breast milk that is necessary for proper growth and development.


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