Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pregnancy Sleeping Discomfort Solution

My wife is using Full-Body Nursing Pillow to minimize and reduce sleeping discomfort.
We bought a Full-Body Nursing Pillow at a Pregnancy Shop at 1 Utama Shopping Mall when my wife is in her 4-5 months pregnancy. Initially we're scratching our head as we can't find any usefulness of the Full-Body Nursing Pillow compare to a normal bolster.
Upon reaching 6-7 months, that's when my wife can see the benefits of Full-Body Nursing Pillow as the unique shape helps to support the pregnancy belly when sleeping side-way.
However when my wife is sleeping half-way and the Full-Body Nursing Pillow is shifted away, then that's when my wife can feel the strain of the pregnancy belly without the support when sleeping side-way. Nevertheless this product help to reduce the strain of pregnancy belly when sleeping.

Full-Body Nursing Pillow cost about RM 160+ and the reason we're getting this product is because it can be use for multi-purpose.

Here is the link of the manufacturer:

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