Friday, 16 November 2012

Getting Dry Shampoo for Confinement Period

During confinement period, my wife has been advised by parents to avoid washing the hair. The reason given are:
- Women give birth will have an open pores in the head, thus washing hair with water will cause health concern to the women at later age.
- Prevent hair loss (Based on AAD website, temporarily hair loss is due to fallen estrogen level)

One day, we've been informed that there is a product call dry shampoo which can serve the same purpose to clean the hair. We head out to Guardian pharmacy shop to look for dry shampoo, but was informed out of stocks. We went to Watson pharmacy shop instead and found the last dry shampoo bottle call "Comfy Care". Here is how it looks like and it cost RM 20.

Feel free to visit the below blog on how to use the dry shampoo.


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