Monday, 26 November 2012

Understand Labor Induction

Induce labor is usually initiated once the pregnancy has reached 37 weeks and onwards because the infant has fully developed, and is ready to come out at anytime.

There are 3 methods to induce labor:
1) Medication Methods
Medication Methods Pro Cons
Prostaglandin A suppositories are inserted into vagina during evening causing uterus to go into labor by morning Allow mother to freely move around labor room May cause uterine rupture and it's a huge risk for both mum and baby
Oxytocin The body naturally produces oxytocin hormone to stimulate contractions. Pitocin and Syntocinon are brand name medications that forms oxytocin given through an IVR at low doses to stimulate contractions. Can initiate labor and speed up labor pace. Labor can progress too fast, and cause contractions to become difficult to manage without pain medication. Oxytocin IV will be stop once contractions become too strong

2) Artificial Rupture of Membranes (AROM)
This method is to rupture the amniotic sacs.
Pro Cons
- Labor may be shortened by an hour
- The procedure allows amniotic fluid to be examined for the presence of meconium
- Heart rate can be monitored with direct access to the baby's scalp
- Baby may turn to breech position, making birth more difficult if the membranes are ruptured before the baby's head is engaged
- Possible for umbilical cord to slip out first
- Infection can occur if there are too much time between rupture and birth

Method 1 (Medication) and Method 2 (AROM) are risky methods as it's artificially method to "force" baby to come out. If everything goes fine, then everybody is happy but bear in mind the methods are very risky. The risk are:
- Increased risk of premature baby if due date calculation are miscalculated
- Uterine rupture is rare but if occurred, then C-section is required ASAP
- Induced labor usually ends up with C-section, forceps delivery and vacuum births
- Create stress for the baby

3) Natural Methods
a) Walking to increase the chance to draw baby head to pelvis

b) Have sex as sperm contains free prostaglandins hormone, and sexual orgasm in women releases oxytocin.

c) Increase oxytocin level
- Nipple stimulation
- Massage
- Hugging with partner
- Cuddling with partner

d) Do acupressure to jump start contractions

e) Eat spicy food to irritates the intestines and subsequently cause uterus to contracts.
Example: Nasi Lemak, Tom Yam Soup, anything spicy

f) Take herbs that helps labor. Example:
- Red raspberry leaf tea

- Primrose Oil

g) Eat fruits like mango, pineapple and kiwi

h) Drink coconut drink
Best to drink fresh coconut and has not been put in the cooler


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