Monday, 5 November 2012

What is all these BPA stuff in baby bottles

BPA represent Bisphenol A and was initially used as an artificial estrogen. The purpose of BPA are:
1) Enhance the growth of cattle and poultry.
2) Used as an estrogen replacement for women. BPA was only briefly used as an estrogen replacement and was replaced by diethylstilbestrol (DES)
3) Used to harden polycarbonate plastics and make epoxy resin, and in the lining of food and beverage containers.

With more research, the BPA chemicals are link to many health problem and can be refer to more information at Wikipedia:

Back to baby products, here are the do and don't
1) Get glass, metal or ceramic baby bottle
2) Get BPA free plastic baby bottle, however avoid a high heat up on the plastic as we're not sure on other chemicals may present in the plastics
3) Avoid heat up the plastic in boiling water or microwave to as avoid leeching chemicals into the food/drink

Here are a quick video explanation on BPA heath problem prevention:

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