Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Newborn Baby Reflexes - Part I

This is going to be very interesting as to understand new born baby reflexes. Enjoy !!!
Be gentle when attempting with newborn baby.

Moro / Startle Reflex
Moro reflex begins from birth till around 3-4 months old. It usually occur with this conditions:
- Infant's head suddenly shifts position (Warning: Ensure baby are held properly as to avoid unintentional fall)
- Change of temperature
- Sudden stimuli
- Startled by sudden noise

Walking/Stepping Reflex
Walking/stepping reflex starts from birth till 6 weeks old, and reappears as voluntary behaviour at around 8-12 months old. Newborn baby will attempt to walk by placing one foot in front of another when the soles of both feet touch a flat surface.
Warning: Ensure baby are held properly as to avoid unintentional fall

Rooting Reflex
Rooting reflex starts from birth till around 4 months old and gradually becomes voluntary control. Newborn baby will turn his head towards anything that stroke his/her cheeck or mouth

Sucking reflex
Sucking reflex is linked to rooting reflex and breastfeeding that causes the baby to instinctively suck at anything that touches the roof of their mouth and suddenly starts to suck simulating the way babies naturally eat.

Tonic Neck Reflex
The tonic neck reflex (called asymmetric tonic neck reflex / 'fencing posture') starts from 1 month old till 4 months old. When the child's head is turned to the left side, the left arm will straighten and right arm will bend. This is vice-versa when child's head is turned to the right side.
Warning: Be gentle when turning baby's head

Palmar Grasp Reflex
Palmar grasp reflex starts from birth till 5-6 months old. Palmar grasp happen when an object is placed in infant's hand and strokes his/her palm and subsequently baby's finger will close and grasp the object. The reverse motion can be induced by stroking the back or side of baby's hand.

Click here to view Part II.


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