Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Newborn Baby Reflexes - Part II

Here is the continue information on the newborn baby reflexes from previous post:

Babinski and Plantar Reflex
Babinski reflex (toe curl up) begins from birth till less than 1 year old. While the brain is developing, the baby's reflex will goes to Plantar reflex (toe curl down).
Here is the video on Babinski Reflex

Here is the video on Plantar Reflex

Galant Reflex
Galant reflex begins from birth till 4-6 months old. Infant will swing towards the side that was stroked when the skin along the sides of an infant's back is stroked.

Swimming Reflex
Swimming reflex begins from birth till 4-6 months. Infant will paddle and kick in swimming motion when face down in a pool of water. Swimming lesson is recommended after 3 months old.
Warning: Baby will swallow large amount of water that can cause water intoxication.

Babkin Reflex
Babkin reflex occurs in infant baby. When apply pressure to infant's both palms, there are few possible action may occur:
- Head flexion
- Head rotation
- Opening of the mouth
- Combinations of the 3 possibility

Snout Reflex
Snout reflex is present since birth till 1 year old. Snout reflex is a pouting or pursing of the lips when there is a light tapping of the closed lips.

Glabellar Reflex
Glabellar reflex or called tap reflex is an action that repetitive tapping on the infant's forehead and infant's eye blink in response.

Parachute Reflex
Parachute reflex occurs at later months after birth and we can see the comparison in the video between a newborn baby and baby whom has aged about 1 years old. Parachute reflex is meant to stretch the arms as to protect from falling.
Warning: Ensure baby are held properly as to avoid unintentional fall.


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