Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Glucose Screening Test

During week 29 pregnancy, we found out that the baby weight is 1.6 kg and was informed to take glucose screening test in the subsequent visit to find out whether my wife have gestational diabetes. My wife had the glucose screening test when she is in week 31 pregnancy.

To start off, she have to fast for 8 hours before taking the glucose screening test meaning she can only take pure water only. We went to visit the clinic at 9+ am and was informed to draw the blood first. Then she finish drinking the glucose water within 10 minutes. Btw, the glucose water taste is sweet.
Once finished drinking the glucose water, then she have to continue fasting for 2 hours meaning no food nor drink consumption. After 2 hours, she have to draw the blood again. The cost for the glucose test is RM 60.

1 week later, we've been informed of the result and fortunately the glucose level is normal.
Below are how the report looks like:

Conclusion is that there is no gestational diabetes and the baby is growing normally.

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