Sunday, 11 November 2012

Swaddling Newborn Baby

Swaddling is a traditional practice of wrapping infants in swaddling cloths or blankets as to restrict infant's limbs. There are two school of thoughts in swaddling the infants.

View that Agree Swaddling Technique
- To settling and soothing irritable infants
- To help babies to sleep longer with fewer awakenings
- Babies sleeping in the back position can reduce SIDS risk
- Prevent infants from waking up with his/her moro reflex
- Parent should transition from swaddling to non-swaddling when baby can roll over which are around 4-5 months
- Loose and ineffective swaddling can increase the risk of SIDS because blanket may cover baby's face.
- Risk of overheating if uses multiple blanket or thick fabric that creates excessive thermal insulation

View that Disagree Swaddling Technique
- There is a risk in impairing the motor skills especially tight swaddling
- Baby that can roll over from back to tummy have a risk of SIDS
- Tight swaddling with head covered reduces the infant's ability to cool it's body temperature which can lead to hyperthermia.

Here is how to swaddle the newborn baby


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